SilverStone Asset Management

About Us


Our 401(k)/403(b) advisory services utilize an individualized approach designed to try and accomplish the stated goals and objectives of the Plan Sponsor. While each employer may have varying objectives, our goal is to evaluate the overall strengths and weaknesses of a client’s current plan. This evaluation establishes a process that helps fiduciaries of the plan reduce litigation risk, potentially helps increase long-term plan performance, helps uncover and identify plan risks, establishes benchmarks for plan performance and potentially lowers costs. We must remain focused on long-term plan success. At the end of the day, it is about supporting our clients by having a retirement plan that best suits their needs and the needs of their participants.

Our Private Wealth Management Team’s top priority is to increase the likelihood of our clients realizing their long-term financial goals. After better understanding the client’s objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance, we develop customized strategies to help realize those goals. We provide a variety of alternative solutions and allow the client to select a strategy that best fits their needs. Once a game plan is established, we continue to monitor the performance of the strategy relative to the original plan and stated goals. We periodically meet with clients to update their objectives, measure the effectiveness of their current strategies and make adjustments to accommodate any changes.

Our wealth management solutions are designed to help clients protect and enhance their financial well-being, build net worth and manage risk. Working together, we help clients become more informed on various factors that impact financial outcomes.

SilverStone Asset Management clients benefit from and appreciate working with an experienced team of professionals who not only understand the business, but take ownership and accountability for all known aspects of the client/advisor relationship.