Sarah Simmon

Sarah has a wide array of interests and hobbies, including fishing, gardening, painting, sewing and visiting zoos, or better yet, experiencing animals in the wild – number one on her bucket list! It might seem like a challenge to accomplish all of these activities, but Sarah is ambitious, organized and always prepared – traits that carryover to her professional career as well.

Sarah has been with SilverStone Group since 2002 and has applied her time management skills and multi-tasking abilities to coordinating and maintaining firm documentation and recordkeeping, assisting with client correspondence, handling various monthly and quarterly reporting and performing a variety of other administrative duties for several SilverStone Group departments. She also holds Life, Accident and Health Insurance Licenses in both Nebraska and Iowa.

Sarah’s superb attention to detail and organization allow her to handle multiple company projects at the same time, and also earned her the SilverStone Group H.H. “Red” Nelson Award1 in 2012 for outstanding achievement in Client Service. We can’t wait to see what she achieves next!

1The H.H. “Red” Nelson Award is sponsored by SilverStone Group and presented annually to one or more SilverStone Group associates for their outstanding achievement in Client Service. Recipients are nominated by their peers.

Contact Information
e-mail: | phone: 712.329.3128 |  fax: 712.329.3110

Bachelor of Science, Information Technology
Bellevue University |  Bellevue, NE