401(k) and 403(b) Advisory

401(k) and 403(b) Advisory Services

Fiduciary Services

  • Sample Investment Policy Statement Preparation
  • Non-Discretionary Investment Advice
  • Investment Selection Services
  • Investment Due Diligence Review
  • Investment Monitoring
  • Default Investment Alternative Advice
  • Individualized Participant Advice

Investment Advisory Services

  • Quarterly Investment Monitoring Reports
  • Manager Recommendations
  • Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) Analysis
  • Investment Product Due Diligence
  • Investment Monitoring
  • Fee vs. Return Analysis
  • Review Investment Policy Statement

Plan Benchmarking Services

  • Vendor Fee Analysis
  • Vendor Services Analysis
  • Investment Allocation
  • Investment Fee Analysis
  • Investment Revenue Sharing Review
  • Plan Design

Vendor Request for Proposal Services

  • Determine Plan Objectives and Evaluate Current Plan
  • Prepare Customized Request for Proposal Questions
  • Evaluate and Score Proposal Responses
  • Negotiate Provider Pricing
  • Manage the Transition Process

Plan Sponsor Fiduciary Training

  • Provide fiduciary training to committee and members associated with the plan
  • Identify and assist the committee in implementing industry best practices with respect to fiduciary process, investment selection and monitoring, documentation, administration, communication and education programs

Employee Communication

  • Establish educational goals
  • Prepare annual education calendar
  • Training on retirement planning tools
  • Educate participants regarding asset allocation
  • Educate on individual advice solutions

Plan Compliance Audit

  • Mock Department of Labor (DOL) / Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Audit
  • Plan Document Analysis

Other Services

  • Monitoring of Legislative & Regulatory Changes
  • Independent Oversight of Recordkeeping and Other Providers
  • Plan Design Consulting